Gutted, Absolutely Gutted

29 March 2013 12:05
One Man's View (although probably the view of many thousands of us)

I hope Arena Coventry Limited and SISU are hanging their heads in shame. If they are not then should be.

From being only five points away from the play offs, Coventry City have now slumped to 14th and are 15 points away from the top six with any chance of getting back into the Championship gone.

We are left with a summer of uncertainty. Will we have a club? Where will we play?

This week we found out that we are in debt to the tune of £60m. To who? How the hell are we going to pay that back? How did we get into this position?

Bobby Gould speaking on TalkSport about the debt said, "I find that difficult to accept as a football person. Who has mismanaged the club to get to this state?"

Bobby I wish I knew! It's the question most of us are asking.

Will the next step be a fire sale where players will be sold or contracts terminated? Look at Dunfermline, who are going through the same process. Are we next?

Our fate appears now to be in the hands of the administrator, Paul Appleton.

Will he have to now make our highest-earning players redundant to avert being wound up?

Supporters who want to see us play against Walsall had to go to extraordinary lengths to get a ticket.

Going to Crawley? You've now got to phone them up to get a ticket.

The Club shop is in the back of a white van!

What will happen now to the employees of the Club?

A once proud club is being dragged through the Courts with a total disregard to us the fans.

Personally I'm totally fed up. It's a complete mess. It's us the supporters that feel the pain. We will still be here long after ACL and SISU have gone.

The sooner both are gone the better.

Source: Coventry MAD