Graeme Hawley - I'm Not Going To Walsall

14 June 2013 12:10
Actor and City supporter on his personal decision not to support City at 'home' games outside Coventry

Actor and Coventry City supporter Graeme Hawley has again stated that he, like thousands of others won't be going to any 'home' games, if Tim Fisher's plans to move the Sky Blues out of Coventry whilst a new ground is built go ahead.  

Hawley, now featuring in Coventry set comedy drama "Love And Marriage", told the Coventry Observer's Steve Carpenter: “The precedent is there with MK Dons, it's been set. I'm not going to Walsall.

“It would actually be easier for me because Coventry is 30 minutes further up the M6, but I can't go and watch them at Walsall.

“Even if we did move away and come back to a new stadium, I don't believe it would be anywhere near as good as the Ricoh. Whatever the problems we have at the stadium, it is a fantastic facility.

“I've said to my dad if they don't play at the Ricoh I'm not going to go, but I said we'll try and go to every away game instead.

“I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and I'm hoping somebody sees sense and does a deal really or somebody comes up with enough money to convince Sisu that it's a decent amount of money to walk away.

“If the club goes they are never coming back so for me personally I'm focusing all my attention on making sure that doesn't happen.

“I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined the club would be where they are now. I find it slightly surreal.

“My nephew who I've been taking to watch Coventry play since he was seven-years-old won't go any more and I can't blame him for that really.

“I think the year we first started taking him was the year we got relegated. He's never seen or known anything but underachievement really and I really pity those fans.”

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Source: Coventry MAD