Give Your Shares To Supporters Brody

24 August 2011 12:53
Supporters to make bid for Brody's shares Covsupport News Service are announcing an interest in purchasing the shares currently owned by Leonard Brody. The Director shares, which will become worthless, if the club is put into liquidation when the current funding from SISU's bank expires, and providing that the takeover by Gary Hoffman's consortium are rejected by the current owners, who are understood to be looking to get at least the monies owed to SISU's bankers back from any take over, Should Mr Brody want to do the right thing by the supporters of Coventry City FC, then any shares required will be used to give Coventry City supporters at home and abroad a greater say in the running of our club, with every man,woman and child on the club's database of supporters having an equal share, whilst it is still in operation. We have the funds available to make such a bid and can get the cash delivered if required.  


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