Give Supporters Shares If You Want Our Backing

29 August 2011 12:51
A Covsupport News Service Comment If those running Coventry City Football Club are serious about getting the fans back on-side after all the recent mayhem and working with supporters, then the only way forward as we see it is for Leonard Brody to relinquish his Director shares. Trust in the Sky Blue Board is at an all time low and the only way that bridges can now be built is by giving them to The Sky Blue Trust or Supporters Consultation Group or any all emcompassing other supporters body that either exists or is set up, so that every Coventry City supporter currently on the club’s database can have a say in the running of our club whilst it is still in existence. Supporter representation on the board has saved a number of clubs such as AFC Bournemouth, Northampton, Port Vale to name but a few and there is no reason why it could not work at Coventry City. Although the representative (and Kev Monks is not putting his name forward for this, as there are many more people way better qualified in the world of business) or representatives of any such group that represents everyone of us, no matter where we live in the world, that meet and attend board meetings will have to deal with the confidentuality issues that being in such a position raises, we are sure that this would be a very positive move for the club. For many, Mr Brody is the most expendable board member. He does not live in this country, has never seen us play, not actually put any money into the club apart from paying for his shares and unless we have missed something, has not come up with any worthwhile ideas that have contributed to bringing in any serious amounts of money for the club. We are sick of all the hassles, sick of our club sinking ever lower and lower, getting closer and closer to its death and enough is enough. We don't want to lose the staff the club has, we want jobs to be safe-guarded and we want a Coventry City Football Club with a future.  This is now the perfect opportunity to move things forward and get everyone going in the same direction but in order to persuade everyone that SISU and the current Coventry City board are prepared to do this, then supporters having shares and a stake in the club is the only way it will happen.