Get On The March

20 July 2013 12:03
Be Involved In The March Today Today at 12.30pm,  the people of Coventry will march to demand that Coventry City FC remains in Coventry and even at this late stage, a solution can be reached where the Sky Blues remain in Coventry at the Ricoh Arena rather than making the hugely unpopular move to Northampton Town.

Leading the march tomorrow will be not one.but two Lady Godiva's representing an iconic figure from Coventry's rich history.

Just like Lady Godiva, they will ride into Broadgate, supported by a huge following of outraged Coventry citizens, not just football supporters but people who recognise how wrong this proposed move is.This is our final call to every man, woman, and child, be it a Coventry City Fan, general football fan, or anybody who's livelihoods will be affected by CCFC leaving the City.

Join us tommorrow to show the football world and all involved that we will not lie down and let this happen. 

See you at the Park!

Source: Coventry MAD