Get Cov Back To The Ricoh Hand Over Petition

22 October 2013 02:11
Petition Handed Over

Around twenty City supporters attended a protest this lunch time organised by Get Cov Back To The Ricoh campaign group.

The protest took place as Coventry City Councillors attended this afternoon's full Council meeting. 

According to the Coventry Telegraph's Les Reid, "Opposition group leader, Tory councillor John Blundell, revealed to demonstrators he is going to raise a question about the future of the Ricoh to Labour council leaders at today's full council meeting, whilst Labour deputy leader Counillor Phil Townshend refused to speak to the peaceful demonstrators as he went into the Council House."

Get Cov Back To Ricoh co-ordinator Stuart Cosgrove, who handed in a petition with 750 signatures demanding that moves be made to bring City back to Coventry,  told Les Reid: "We want the council to show leadership at a time of crisis and do more to get the ckub back to the Ricoh in the interests of our proud football club, the city's economy and taxpayers and the city's reputation."



Source: Coventry MAD