Forget SISU And Concentrate On What We Love

27 July 2013 10:42
One Man's View

I've been a Coventry City fan for 20 years. I live in Cambridge now but i do try to get to some games and always follow them online.

i think that SISU are going to do what they want to do, as "owners" of our club. they are very stubborn and no one can change that.

I feel a boycott could be very dangerous for us. for CCFC's existence. i don't care for SISU or their finances, but fans not turning up to support the team at northampton will have a very detrimental effect on team moral and subsequently the performance on the pitch. we will not only not gain any top 6 position but may go down to the 4th tier of English football. that would be the end of us, as that could lead to liquidation - we don't have the hardcore fan base, like Leeds or Norwich, to survive. the players play for the shirt and for the supporters. they need us to be there and to be very loud. both away and at "home". we fans are an emotional bunch. but at this critical moment, i feel we must think with our heads and not our hearts. 

There is no rationale in us supporters cutting of our noses to spite our face. we must forget SISU and concentrate on what we love - supporting our beloved MIGHTY SKY BLUES.


Source: Coventry MAD