Football Supporters Federation Issue City Statement

05 July 2013 12:45
FSF Statement

The Football Supporters Federation of which Coventry City supporter Kev Monks is a life Vice President, have issued a statement regarding the Coventry City situation.

Stoke City supporter Malcolm Clarke, Chair of the FSF, said: “This is a terrible day for Coventry City and its supporters.

“To see your club ripped from the community from where it was born must be one of the hardest things a fan can go through.

“34 miles might only be an hour’s drive but there’s clearly a gap of a million miles between the views of lifelong supporters and to venture capitalists Sisu.

“Football is not a normal business, clubs are woven into the fabric of their area’s history. The game’s governing bodies should act earlier to stop things ever going this far.

“It’s quite clear to the FSF that clubs shouldn’t move without gaining approval from fans first. No Coventry City fans that we’ve spoken to back this move.” - See more at:

Source: Coventry MAD