Football League Clubs To Encourage Sportsmanship

01 June 2012 01:19
New proposals voted through

Football League clubs have voted in proposals aimed at encouraging sportsmanship.

Exeter City Chairman Ed Chorlton successfully had the following proposals voted through:

1. Gamesmanship has no place in our game. Football League matches should be played within a culture of sportsmanship not gamesmanship.

2. Clubs will undertake to instruct managers, coaches and players accordingly - in particular to discourage actions which bring the game's reputation into disrepute, such as: a) showing disrespect to match officials; and/or b) those actions that undermine a sporting culture including diving/simulation, time wasting and feigning injury.

3. In the first year of this initiative, The League will request that referees support this initiative by taking more robust action, particularly in the following situations: a) obstructing the quick taking of free-kicks, b) stealing ground at throw-ins.


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