Football League Announce Play-Off Dates

26 April 2011 01:31
Play-off dates announced Not that it will affect Coventry City but the Football League have confirmed the dates of the Play-Off matches. ChampionshipDateKick-off timeFixtureCommentsThursday 12th May7.45pm6 v 3If Nottingham Forest finish in 5th position, dates for the ties will be reversed.Friday 13th May7.45pm5 v 4Monday 16th May7.45pm3 v 6See above. 2nd legs would also be reversed.Tuesday 17th May7.45pm4 v 5League OneDateKick-off timeFixtureCommentsSaturday 14th May12.45pm6 v 3-Sunday 15th May12.15pm5 v 4Wednesday 18th May7.45pm3 v 6-Thursday 19th May7.45pm4 v 5League 2DateKick-off timeFixtureCommentsSaturday 14th May5.45pm7 v 4If Port Vale finish in 7th position, dates for the ties will be reversed.Sunday 15th May6.30pm6 v 5Friday 20th May7.45pm4 v 7Friday 20th May 7.45pm5 v 6var tabbedElementIsUserLoggedIn28061 = IsLoggedIn();for (var x = 0; x $(document).ready(function(){switchToTabByQueryStringParam(28061);});if (typeof getHeliosTag =='function') getHeliosTag(2715058, 1);function getIntQueryStringParam(name){var valueToReturn = -1;if (name != null && name.length > 0){var strWindowLocation = "" + window.location;var indexOfQuestionMark = strWindowLocation.indexOf("?");var queryStringValues = null;if (indexOfQuestionMark != -1){strWindowLocation = strWindowLocation.substring(indexOfQuestionMark+1);queryStringValues = strWindowLocation.split("&");for (var a = 0; a 0){setTimeout('switchTab' + instanceId + '(' + (tabOption-1) + ')', 0);}}var tabs27860 = [['','','0'],['','','0'],['','','0']]; for (var y = 0; y 0) {document.getElementById('masterCompositeTabContent27860_' + x ).style.display = "none";document.getElementById('masterCompositeTabList27860_' + x).className = "masterCompositeTab" + x;if (document.images["masterTabImage27860_" + x]) {document.images["masterTabImage27860_" + x].src =


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