FL Satisfied By Otium New City Stadium Claims

10 September 2013 12:09
New Stadium Proof Claim FL

In a letter to one Coventry City supporter, the Football League have claimed that they have proof that a process for finding an alternative stadium is underway.

Amanda Craig, the Football League's Customer Service Administrator wrote: “Football League regulations give the Board the discretion to consider requests to move location bearing in mind the particular circumstances of the case.  In this instance, the Board sought proof of funding relating to the building of a new stadium and evidence that a process for finding an appropriate site was already under way.

“The information provided by Otium satisfied the Board in this regard.

“The League Board has given Coventry City permission to play its matches at Northampton Town for the next three seasons.  This term can be extended for two further periods of 12 months if the club can demonstrate sufficient progress towards the building of a new stadium in the Coventry area.

“Should the club not comply with this timeframe, the matter will be considered by The Football League Board at the relevant time.  It is, however, reasonable to suggest that Coventry City’s ongoing participation in our competition would be at risk. 

“The Football League expects the long term future of Coventry City to be in the Coventry area.  In an ideal world that would be through an agreement between Otium and ACL that would see the Club return to the Ricoh Arena.”


Source: Coventry MAD


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