Fisher: SISU Have Been Nothing Short Of Brilliant

01 March 2013 02:22

Coventry City CEO Tim Fisher has said that owners SISU have been nothing short of brilliant.

Speaking to Free Radio's Darryl Murphy, Mr Fisher said: "SISU have been nothing short of brilliant. Joy Seppala believes in the football club and is doing what it takes.

"SISU have written off the £45m they've put into the club and don't expect to get it back. "I'm worried that SISU could give up and pull out of the club."

Mr Fisher refused to say how close the Sky Blues actually are to going to the wall and said; " I can't answer how close club are to administration. You'd have to ask insolvency practictioner and lawyers. However, we can't carry on losing money, hand-over-fist, every year."

Source: Coventry MAD


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