Fisher Reporting All Incidents To The Police

13 July 2013 10:50
Fisher On Threats

Coventry City CEO Tim Fisher has said that he is now reporting all incidents and sick threats to the police.

Mr Fisher, who claims he was confronted by three men on Tuesday whilst trying to leave the training ground, has told the Coventry Telegraph that he is the subject of "sick and abhorrent" abuse including threats to his children.

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph, he said:"The police are investigating and I don't want to prejudice that.

"We were just being sensible. We did not want a confrontation, so we went back into the training ground and called the police. The police are aware of other incidents too and are investigating them.

"One thing I find abhorrent are sick threats that have been angled towards my children. That is just wrong and there is zero tolerance for it. All incidents are being passed onto the police."

Source: Coventry MAD