Fisher - Our Determination To Succeed Should Not Be Under-estimated

13 July 2013 11:22
Fisher Determined To Battle On

Coventry City CEO Tim Fisher has said that his and the owners determination to succeed should not be under-estimated.

Mr Fisher who is prepared for the Sky Blues to start the season under a transfer embargo and for this team to play in front of crowds of a few hundred at Sixfields, told the Coventry Telegraph's Alan Poole: "We accept the uncertainty surrounding the creditors meeting and its outcome.

"We fully understand - as do the unsecured creditors ACL and the Higgs - both that a CVA gives a route to creditors to get paid but that liquidation of CCFC Ltd will lead to little or no cash return but can lead to sporting sanctions such as penalty points deduction.

"We cannot second guess what the council and Higgs Charity will decide to do at the creditors meeting. However, be clear their decisions will impact the playing side of the football club.

"We are working with the Football League to agree a policy on players out and in whilst staying within the rules of Financial Fair Play Rules.

"We do not under-estimate the unhappiness of the fans and of course, we are very respectful of their feelings. Neither should our determination to succeed be under-estimated. That is a position none of us wanted to be in but we have had to move to secure the future of the club.

"We are now working to keep the cost of following the club to Sixfields as low as possible because there are fans who want to come to matches. We hope in time, more will follow but our planning and budgeting facilitates a competitive team on the pitch with the team getting 60p in every pound of relevant income.



Source: Coventry MAD