Fans Need Information After Court Case Adjournment

22 March 2013 12:10
Sky Blue Trust Statement

Today is a sad day for Coventry City Football Club. Despite the preceding years of stability and progress, the Club has in more recent times fallen upon hard times. As an organization representing over 1200 Coventry City supporters, the Sky Blue Trust is deeply concerned at the threats this administration poses for the future of our Club.

The whole affair is unclear and very confused and the Trust is concerned by the lack of information being given to the supporters and calls upon the Club to clarify the situation. The fans are the lifeblood of the club and are being given no facts and it has to be asked – whose interests are being served in all this legal wrangling because it certainly isn’t those of the fans.

It is unclear how it affects the club’s staff at this time. We must not forget that there are people who depend on the Football Club for their livelihoods, and it is vital that their interests, and those of the wider community, are not forgotten in all of this.

The Trust is already seeking an early meeting with the club as a matter of urgency, in order to gain a better understanding of the immediate intentions of the club and its longer term plans.

It is now vital that as fans, we do all we can to secure a long-term, sustainable and successful future for the Club, based on sound financial management and a long-term plan.  

We believe firmly and unwaveringly that such a future depends on supporters being properly involved in the ownership and running of the Club, and we will work with all interested parties to bring that about but in the immediate future we hope the club acts to alleviate the concerns of its supporters concerning the future of their club.


Source: Coventry MAD