Fans Are Not Cows To Be Milked

01 May 2013 06:36
Bayern Munich charging £104 for a season ticket

With Coventry City still to announce their season ticket prices for next season, the Sky Blues would do well to heed the words of Bayern Munich President Uli Hoeness after his club launched season tickets costing £104.

The President of the Bundesliga Champions said; "We could charge more than £104. Let's say we charge £300. We'd get £2m more income but what is £2m to us?.

"In a transfer discussion, you argue about that sum for five minutes. But the difference between £104 and £300 is huge for the fan. 

"We do not think fans are like cows who you milk. "Football has got to be for everybody. That's the biggest difference between us and England."  

Source: Coventry MAD


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