Family Zone Activities For City V Brentford

05 April 2013 11:42
Family Zone Activities

Once again there will be plenty of free activities between 1.30pm and 2.30pm in the Family Zone before Coventry City's home game with Brentford and our volunteers will be there to give you a hand. 

Why not come along and try glass or wood painting?  We have a few porcelain items waiting for you to decorate too.  

There will be lots of other resources for you to try too.  Our games consoles will be up and running and we hope that Sky Blue Sam and a couple of players will also come and join in the fun. 

We will also have one of your favourite 20p games so come and have a go. 

Remember all of your 20ps go towards purchasing new resources for the young fans to use. 

We are very grateful to everyone who supports us and helps us to make the Zone the place to be pre-match for the youngsters. 



Source: Coventry MAD