End Game - The KCIC 6 Point Vision & View

15 October 2013 12:28
KCIC View Of Things

Last week a couple of people posted really good questions asking what Keep Coventry In Coventry sees as the end game in the acl-sisu dispute, so here goes with a draft Keep Coventry In Coventry view of things

1. Fans can make a difference, like at Swansea, Portsmouth and lots of other places.

 2. A fan-led ownership model (working alongside co-investors who want to put the team and fans first) is what we need because there is no guarantee another rich owner will be any better than the string of people who have led us into this mess and only supporters are motivated solely by what is best for CCFC.

 3. Unless Seppala wants to be downright evil and liquidate the Club (which as we know she won’t do cos according to the Cov Tel she’s a devout Christian) the game is up for her and she needs an exit option – selling to a fan-led consortium might even restore some of the reputational damage sisu is suffering.

 4. We make this happen by continuing to show Seppala that all she will get if she stays is bigger financial losses, more scrutiny of sisu and more public attention. This is a nagging toothache campaign and we just ain’t going to go away.

 5. When Seppala decides to sell we make clear to potential investors that after all we have gone through if they want a successful CCFC they have to work alongside fans in a new ownership model, and the same goes for acl in terms of getting a deal that is best for the team and fans.

 6. Will it work? There’s only one way to find out and that’s by trying which is what kcic is all about!

Source: Coventry MAD


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