Dont Put Any Money On That BBC List - Waggott

04 March 2013 11:30
Steve Waggott at the Trust Meeting

Coventry City Development Officer Steve Waggott has said not to put any money on the list of names being given by the BBC.

Speaking at the Sky Blue Trust Meeting at The Squirrel tonight, Mr Waggott, who described himself as Joy Seppala's football advisor said  "Don't put your money on the candidates mentioned by the BBC today" and added that his search hasn't excluded any managers currently at a club and that the four will be down to two in the next couple of days.

Mr Waggott admitted that City should have spent the extra £150k to have kept Marlon King and retained their place in the Championship and for the sake of 2, 3 or 400,000 it would of been better spending that than losing millions getting relegated.

When asked what the plan is for next season with regards bringing the salaries under 65% of the revenues. Mr Waggott said; "Offloading those that are higher earners, bringing in cheaper options and that players are cheaper now than they were. If we say no to the demands of a player's Agent, how many other clubs will say the same as us?

The question of how will our Financial Fair Play salary cap compares to others in League One? With one of the larger gates but without other revenues, where do we lie. The reply was that City are around 6th-10th.

Speaking about the academy, he said the the academy is very important to this club. It's sad that some clubs are scrapping their COE/academy and It's a shame when any club aren't giving their local lads a chance to play for their local club.

He also said that the players are professional footballers that are paid alot of money and they should be able to concentrate on other things, rather than worry about what is happening off the field with the club.


Source: Coventry MAD