Doncaster's Fifth Visit To The Ricoh Arena

27 March 2013 12:01
A Look at City V Doncaster

Coventry City could face Doncaster Rovers for the 20th time in the club's history if the game scheduled for Friday afternoon goes ahead.

If it is does, this will be Doncaster's fifth visit to the Ricoh Arena, subject to confirmation from CCFC, DRFC and ACL. City have won three and lost 2-0 last season in a game which sent City to League One.

Of the nine matches played in Coventry, City have won six and lost two, scoring 14 goals to Doncaster's 7. 

The last time, Doncaster played in Coventry for a league One (Div 3)game was in 1925/26 when City won 4-1 at Highfield Road but lost 8-1 in Doncaster.

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Source: Coventry MAD