Crazy To Go Back To The Ricoh Without Full Control - Seppala

26 September 2013 09:29
Joy Seppala Interview

SISU boss Joy Seppala has said that it would be crazy to go back to the Ricoh Arena unless SISU had full control.

In an interview with Les Reid of the Coventry Telegraph, the camera shy Finnish-American admitted that: " Realistically, this council (Coventry City Council) don’t think they can work with me. I know I cannot work with them. It doesn’t mean I can’t negotiate a deal. But I am not going to risk my investors’ money by exposing us to the potential of having a repeat of what happened over the last year.

“Would I be open to listening to what they have to say? I would. That is strictly for the fans. I feel empathy for the fans’ position. It is not fair what’s being done to them. They haven’t deserved what’s happened to the club over the last 12 months.

“But everything we’ve done is to implement a long-term strategy that will see the viability of this club for the long term.

“From the moment a decision was made for a joint venture with the council for the Ricoh Arena (in 2003), the club lost control.

“It would be crazy from a business perspective to go back to the Ricoh without full control. All the money that’s been put into this club would be put at risk again.

“When the former owners of the club sold the 50 per cent share to Higgs (Alan Edward Higgs Charity), I do not believe they thought they were giving away matchday revenues. They thought they had sold the equity stake in the stadium, not the revenues.”

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Source: Coventry MAD


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