Coventry City U21'a v Notts Coubty U21's

23 October 2013 04:01
Match updates

Coventry City U21'a take on visitors Notts County in the League Cup this afternoon.

Teams: Coventry City: Burge (gk), Phillips, Haynes, Finch, Urquart, Quinn, Barton, Manset, Rankin,. Suns: Smith, Gott, Maund, Bako, Thomas.

Notts County: Speiss (gk), Bennet, Guy, Melvin, Hollsi, Holt, Hodge, Dixon, Murray, Coombes, Haworth. Subs: Waite, McGowan, Bange, Geldenbuys, Pilkington.

Coventry City are wearing traditional sky blue, Notts County are wearing black.

The match is underway in bright sunshine.

Source: Coventry MAD