Coventry City have investigated the prospect of playing their League One matches at Nene Park

By 11 December 2012 03:18

Coventry City have investigated the prospect of playing their League Onematches at Nene Park as part of their threat to move away from the RicohArena if the current row with stadium management company Arena CoventryLimited is not resolved.

Nene Park, was used last season by Kettering Town and had been the homeof Rushden & Diamonds FC, staging Football League matches, before theysadly went out of existence.

The biggest hurdle for the club, if a deal with Arena Coventry Limitedcannot be agreed, will be convincing the club's supporters who havebacked the team in good numbers this season despite the drop to LeagueOne, that a ground some 45 miles from Coventry and with a capacity of6,400 will be worth the effort to get to.

Despite, supporters calling for all parties to return to the table andtry to thrash out a deal beneficial to all parties, City remain firm intheir stance and said: "However, in the interim period, they mustconsider other alternative and appropriate venues which are affordablefor a football club to ensure Coventry City Football Club fulfil theirfuture fixtures.

"The club has therefore commenced the sensible process of making contactwith other football clubs to evaluate if their stadiums meet ourrequirements should negotiations with ACL fail to reach a mutuallyagreed position on the rent with the result that CCFC is forced to moveaway from the Ricoh to a new venue."


Source: DSG

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