Coventry City have announced that they are back for talks with Arena Coventry Limited

12 December 2012 02:05

The Sky Blues Board have been under pressure from the vast majority of City supporters to resume talks after it was announced that an offer by Arena Coventry Limited of £400,000 a year rent for use of the Ricoh Arena, plus concessions on food/drink and car parking as well as ten years to pay off the £1m rent that is owed was rejected.

The club responded with threats to leave the Ricoh Arena, citing Nene Park as one possible venue. However, last night the club announced that they were back round the table and said in a statement:

"The club is pleased to confirm that we are now in talks with ACL. However , whilst these talks are ongoing it wouldn't be right for us to make any further statements or to comment on any aspect of the situation.

Since we received ACL's initial letter we have been asking for them to get round the table and negotiate with us.

We want to conduct our negotiations in a professional manner, in confidence and not via the media. It is clear that this is what the fans want us all to do."

Source: DSG