Council Will Listen To Ricoh Arena Offers

01 April 2011 03:49
Ricoh Arena can be bought Coventry City Council Deputy George Duggins has said that the City Council will listen to offers for half or all of the Ricoh Arena if there are serious offers.Speaking to the CT, Cllr Duggins said: "We would always listen to plans which make sense, and which are viable, about people having a stake in the Ricoh," he said."We would listen to viable plans if one existed, but there has been an absence of a viable plan."The truth of the matter is the council wants to see the club do well. "It's so important for the city for the club to be successful. The council wants to assist the club in every way we can."People forget that without the council the Ricoh would not have been built. "If the club had stayed at Highfield Road they would have gone into administration years ago."