Conservative Council Leader Calls For Ricoh Arena Interest To Be Sold

09 May 2013 10:50
New Conservative Leader Calls For Council to divest its interest in ACL

Coventry City Council's Conservative Group leader John Blundell has called for City Council's interest in the Ricoh Arena's management company Arena Coventry Limited to be eventually sold.

Mr Blundell, who has replaced Kevin Foster, speaking about the new committee to be formed by the City Council to deal with the affairs of the Ricoh Arena of which the City Council currently have a 50% share in to the Coventry Telegraph's Les Reid: “We’ve got to get the right people on board.

“That would give the council an opportunity to divest itself of ACL at an advantageous time for the taxpayers of Coventry.

“I don’t think in the long-run the council should be involved in running a stadium or football club.”

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Source: Coventry MAD


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