Concentrating On What We Have To Do - Platt

29 March 2012 02:22
Platt on avoiding relegation

Coventry City forward Clive Platt has said the players are concentrating on what they have to do, to avoid relegation into League One. 

Speaking to Sky Blue Player at the club’s weekly press conference, Platt said: "I’ve been around these situations before and I know what a great feeling it is to avoid it when people have already cast it on you. 

"We still have to play teams around us and we're still in with a fighting chance. There are a few teams disappointed with how our form has been. 

"Its definitely a confidence game. We've put in a great run of games where we've kept picking up points and now that big gap has gone. We just need to keep it up for the rest of the season.

“I had two seasons with MK Dons like this and one of those we stayed up on last day of the season. Hopefully it wont go that far though. 

"If we can carry on like we have in the last seven weeks then it will go a long way to us being alright. 

"The young lads have been magnificent. Jordan Clarke is looked at as a more experienced player, they are all learning every game and they are all seeing out games more professionally. 

"We're not speculating on what might happen. We are just concentrating on what we have to do."


Picture copyright of Covsupport News Service. Credit CNS/KM