Complaints Over Heavy Handed Treatment

11 September 2011 08:16
Supporters unhappy over treatment Coventry City supporters who protested at yesterday's Championship game against Derby County have complained about heavy handed treatment by police and stewards, acting under orders. Various social networking sites have seen plenty of City supporters  complaining about the treatment they received for calling for SISU, the club's owners to go. One un-named supporter posted:"It was disgraceful from the stewards and police! I got told when at waiting around the statue by two coppers if I showed my rolled up banner it would be confiscated, if I then refused to hand it over I was told it would count as disruptive .behaviour - and he said no more! "When entering the ground the orange jackets then told me I would not be allowed in unless I gave them the banner, when I asked them why, two more orange jackets walked over in quite a threatening manner! "Just no need what so ever! God knows what would of happened if I had manage to get in with it, going by what went on I probably would have been dragged out by the neck!" Others, including some who will not go back to the Ricoh Arena until SISU have gone, after seeing heavy handed stewarding at the last two home games, have accused the club of making a mountain out of a molehill and provoking trouble where there was no need to, whilst a steward from another Football League club who was at the game has said that he was not impressed with the CCFC stewarding   Picture copyright of Covsupport News Service. Credit CNS/KM


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