Compass Group Named In Horse DNA Food Scandal

16 February 2013 10:12
Compass Group Named

The Compass Group, who have the catering contract for the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, are one of the latest companies to be named for having horse DNA in products labelled as beef.

Coventry City supporters are not affected however, as the Compass Group which is one of the biggest providers of school meals in the UK, has only found horse DNA in products sold in the Republic Of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The BBC are reporting that "Compass Group, one of the biggest school food providers in the UK, says its tests have found between 5% and 30% horse DNA in burgers it sold in Ireland and Northern Ireland. It says the burgers were supplied by Rangeland Foods in County Monaghan, which previously withdrew more than 9,000 burgers made for the UK market after some were found to contain horsemeat.Compass said the Rangeland burgers had been supplied to 13 sites in the Irish Republic and 27 in Northern Ireland, mostly offices but including two unnamed secondary schools.It described the situation as "totally unacceptable" and said all affected sites had been given "unreserved apologies".

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Source: Coventry MAD


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