Coleman: We'll keep fighting

01 May 2009 04:29
The Sky Blues close their campaign by heading to Ipswich for a dead-rubber, and Coleman is keen for his players to give their all - even if they will not be at the club next term. "We've got a lot to play for and we are not going to amble through for 90 minutes. We are playing for pride," Coleman told the Coventry Telegraph. "Do we want to go over there and lie down, which is the easy way out, lose the game and come away? Or do we go over and be men about it and go and do our job? "There will be certain players who possibly won't be with us next year but that's for me and them to have a conversation. "They are not going to look at what I've said and think 'that's a surprise', because I've said there will be changes all along."

Source: Team_Talk