Coleman wants level-headed attitude

16 September 2009 12:46
Coleman wants everyone associated with the Sky Blues to retain a more level-headed attitude in the face of victory or defeat, something often longed for by managers at every level of the game. Asked whether it was a relief to see off Sheffield United on Tuesday night, Coleman replied: "I wouldn't say it was a sense of relief, I knew we were going to get three points sooner or later. "We won the first two games, we then draw at Doncaster and everybody's like 'here we go'. Then we lose to Swansea and didn't play very well, then we lose away to Blackpool which was my fault because tactically I got it wrong. "All of a sudden the negativity is incredible and that is the problem with Coventry City. You win two and you're going to win the Champions League, you lose two and we're going to be through the trap door. "I'm trying to get people to calm down. Whether we win a couple or four on the bounce doesn't dictate the season or whether we lose two or three. Trying to get that mid-line has proved to be very difficult since I've been here."

Source: Team_Talk