Coleman looking to boost squad

17 September 2009 11:40
Coventry have enjoyed a successful start to the season but, with numbers relatively low and a long season ahead, Coleman knows injury and suspension can soon take hold and damage their hopes of a respectable finish.

"I look at it and sometimes I do worry because it is a small squad," he said. "We've got to look after certain players who've got injuries or those who had a lot of injuries last year. We've got to look at it and when they've played eight, nine or 10 games on the bounce - because it's so physical in this league - we may have to take them out for a few games and give them a little rest.

"That's how we've got to play it. I'd like to have a bigger squad, not much bigger but just a couple more bodies in an ideal world.

"But if we can manage and we get lucky and we keep the majority of them fit we'll be okay, we'll finish higher than last year. I'm pleased with the players we've brought in, they've done well, settled well, but maybe one or two more faces would be ideal for us."

Source: Team_Talk