City's Dutch Tour In Tatters

10 July 2013 05:15
Go Ahead Eagles Game To Be Called Off

The Mayor of Voorst (of which Terwolde is a part) has forbidden the Go Ahead Eagles match against Coventry City.

The game on Tuesday is to be cancelled as there is an "increased risk factor" attached to this fixture, according to the CIV, Centraal Informatiepunt Voetbalvandalisme (freely translated as Central Information desk on Football hooliganism).

This is mentioned both on the Go Eagles website and the local newspaper.

The Eagles website mentions they are trying to find an alternative opponent, not an alternative venue.

A few years ago, Zwolle and Eagles hooligans abused a fixture of Eagles playing a British team to clash, so presumably these signs for increased risks involve similar patterns.

City's game against Willem II is the subject and the club have contacted the Tour Guide in order to see if the game due to played on Thursday can take place.



Source: Coventry MAD