City Trying To Gag Supporters

06 May 2013 12:08
More hardball from SISU

It has been brought to our attention that Coventry City's current board and owners are trying to buy the silence of supporters by offering to work with them.

The Coventry Supporters team run by James Penny are the latest ones to have had a meeting with CCFC officials and be offered the chance to be involved with the plans of the Sky Blues and treated like the club treat the Academy etc.

However, in order for this happen, the supporters team have had to agree to have a code of conduct in place; one rule of which states that no player or representative of the supporters team should be posting messages on social media sites or be seen clearly protesting against the club or its owners.

Coventry City are, according to one post, monitoring the twitter and Facebook pages of players.


Source: Coventry MAD