City To Get Another Indian Visit

19 August 2011 12:11
YFC Rurka Kalan guests of CCFC As part of the CCFCAsia initiative, representatives from the YFC Rurka Kalan club in the Punjab region of India will be guests of the club for Coventry City's home game against Watford tomorrow. "The CCFC Asia initiative is an important development for Coventry City as we seek to engage with the Asian community in Coventry and India," said Alan Malik, chairman of CCFC Asia to the club website. "The visit by Anwar Ali (Pictured below) and now the president of YFC is testimony to Coventry City and its desire to really engage with the Asian community. "We are sending out our invitations to Asian business owners next week for our first CCFC Asia business event on September 27 here at the Ricoh and urge anyone who is interested to contact us at Jas Sandhu, President of CCFC Asia and one of the founders of YFC, added: "Sport is a great thing for everyone to enjoy and our academy in India is a testament to what can be achieved. "By engaging with Coventry and local teams in and around the area, we are hoping that we can motivate kids to start kicking a football.” "We have already engaged with local Asian football teams, Coventry University and are currently talking to Warwick University as well," said Alan Malik. "Our hope is to increase ties between Asia and Coventry using sport as a catalyst and we hope we can encourage more Asian families to come and enjoy football at the Ricoh and take part in the sport."   Picture copyright of Covsupport News Service. Credit CNS/KM