City Still Undecided About Appealing

03 April 2013 02:37
This Is Not Your Normal Sort Of Administration - Waggott

According to the Coventry Telegraph, Coventry City are still taking legal advice as to whether to appeal over the deduction by the Football League of ten points or not.

City's Development Officer Steve Waggott told the Coventry Telegraph's Alan Poole: "We’re in the process of taking legal advice about the next steps.

"We’ve got to manage expectations. We would only go ahead if we thought we had a realistic chance of winning and I think it’s fair to say that the chances of overturning the decision are thin because it’s never been done before.

"But this is not your normal sort of administration and there are several aspects to our case which we feel could be worth pursuing."

City have until tomorrow to appeal and any case will be heard on April 11th.

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Source: Coventry MAD


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