City Slated Over Lack Of Minute Silence

08 November 2010 05:57
Club got it wrong Coventry City's decision not to have a minute silence's to mark Armistice Day and the 70th Anniversary of the Coventry Blitz at the game against Leeds United on Saturday has apparently not gone down well with some of you.The club did hold let cadets collect for the Poppy Appeal outside the stadium and had poppies on their shirts which they were selling off with a third of the money going to to the poppy appeal, as well as inviting the families of four local servicemen who lost their lives in Afghanistan in 2009. Whilst there was applause for those families and for the Standard Bearers, there was no official period of silence to remember everyone who gave their lives for our city and our country in two World Wars and conflicts since.Here are a few of some of the printable comments we have received on the matter:"Just shows what those who work for the club actually think of Coventry and its people" "When the club have a chance to do something good they always mess up.""I'd like to see whoever made this decision, sent to Afghanistan and they see what conditions our troops have to live and work in."Everyone of them should see One Night In November and then they might have a clue as to what it means to be from Coventry and what people went through seventy years ago." The views expressed are those who have taken the time to contact us and should not be taken as the viewpoint of Covsupport News Service, its staff and contributors.