City Respond To Hoffman Offer

11 July 2013 07:29
CCFC Holdings Response

Coventry City Football Club (Holdings) have officially responded to the offer made by Gary Hoffman to pay the Ricoh Arena rent etc, so that City could stay in Coventry.

City have responded by saying in a statement; "ACL's position to date has been that they don't recognise us as the Football Club's lawful owner and hence have consistently refused to talk to us so I don’t know what authority Mr Hoffman has to bind ACL into any future agreement.

"Besides which, there has been no detail behind these proposals which were only put to the Club by phone last night.

"We wouldn’t want to raise fans’ hopes given that the main source of income whilst playing at the Ricoh was ticket receipts and it certainly doesn’t make sense to describe the deal as an "offer to pay arena rent"” when actually the deal is a loan secured against ticket sales resulting in the club giving away a huge chunk of ticket revenues, our only revenue stream."

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Source: Coventry MAD