City Players Working On Improvement

13 December 2013 12:27
City working on improving thier game

Coventry City manager Steven Pressley has said that he has had his players working on improving theri game in certain areas in training this week.

“We’ve been working on a couple of things this week because we need to improve in certain areas,” said Pressley to the Coventry Telegraph's Andy Turner.

“Our possession of the ball hasn’t quite been as good in the last few weeks as it was for long percentages of the season thus far.

“We had a good balance between possession and counter attack football but we have probably swung more in the direction of counter-attack football recently and our possession of the ball has suffered a wee bit.

“It’s an area we must improve on so we have worked on that, on controlling the game more which we did to great effect in the opening 20/25 minutes at Hartlepool, and we did it for periods of the second half against MK Dons. But it’s an area where in the last two or three weeks we’ve not quite controlled the games in the manner that I would like us to.”

He added: “Our choices in terms of when to exploit teams and when to keep the ball; that was one of our problems at the weekend, especially in the second half. Of course they came down on us but once we got possession our choices in possession, of when to play the killer pass and when to retain possession, could have been better.

“We need to know when to exploit the weakness and when to be patient and wait on their weakness. That’s what we must improve on and as a manager you are always looking at how the team is evolving and how to improve.

“We have worked so hard at coaching young players and have a structure to your system and a real detail to play it out of possession, but in possession we can still improve a great deal.

“So we’ve been doing work on that this week and hopefully we’ll see the improvements in the coming weeks.”

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Source: Coventry MAD


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