City Nineteen Points Better Off

14 March 2010 12:25
Than on previous results Coventry City are nineteen points better off this season.If you compare this season's results against the result the last time City played a club, the difference is now nineteen points as our table below shows.2008/20092009/2010Points DifferenceRunning TotalIPSWICH TOWN HOMED 2-2W 2-1Plus 22BARNSLEY AWAYW 2-1W 2-002DONCASTER AWAYL 0-1D 0-0Plus 13SWANSEA HOMED 1-1L 0-1Minus 12BLACKPOOL AWAYD 1-1L 0-3Minus 11BRISTOL CITY HOMEL 0-3D 1-1Plus 12SHEFFIELD UNITED HOMEL 1-2W 3-2Plus 35PRESTON AWAYL 1-2L 2-305MIDDLESBROUGH HOMEL 1-3 2000D 2-2Plus 16WATFORD AWAYL 1-2W 3-2Plus 39LEICESTER HOMEW 2-0 2008D 1-1Minus 27SHEFFIED WED AWAYW 1-0L 0-2Minus 34CARDIFF CITY AWAYL 1-2L 0-204WEST BROM HOMEL 0-4 2007D 0-0Plus 15READING HOMED 0-0L 1-3Minus 14DERBY COUNTY AWAYL 1-2L 1-204CRYSTAL PALACE HOMEL 0-2D 1-1Plus 15QPR AWAYD 1-1D 2-205SCUNTHORPE AWAYL 1-2 2008L 0-105NEWCASTLE HOMEL0-2 2000L 0-205PETERBOROUGH HOMEW 3-2 1963W 3-205PLYMOUTH AWAYL 0-4W 1-0Plus 38DONCASTER HOMEW 1-0W 1-008NOTTS FOREST AWAYL 0-1L 0-208BARNSLEY HOMED 1-1W 3-1Plus 210IPSWICH AWAYL 1-2L 2-3010SWANSEA AWAYD 0-0D 0-0010BLACKPOOL HOMEW 2-1D 1-1Minus 28BRISTOL CITY AWAYL 0-2D 1-1Plus 19NOTTINGHAM FOREST HOMED 2-2W 1-0Plus 211QPR HOMEW 1-0W 1-0011NEWCASTLE AWAYL 1-3 2001L 1-4011CRYSTAL PALACE AWAYD 1-1W 1-0Plus 213SCUNTHORPE UTD HOMED 1-1 2007W 2-1Plus 215PETERBOROUGH AWAYL 0-2 1964W 1-0Plus 318PLYMOUTH HOMEL 0-1D 1-1Plus 119