City Need Someone With The Club At Heart - Wallace

13 June 2013 11:30
Ian Wallace calls for new owners

Coventry City Legend Ian Wallace has said that the Sky Blues need someone running them who has the club at heart.

The three fans forums left current CEO Tim Fisher with a clear mandate to sell up and get out of the club and speaking to the Coventry Telegraph's Andy Turner, Ian Wallace has said that the club needs someone who has the club at heart.


Wallace said:“There are too many people in the game – and I’m being controversial here – who are not there because of the club, and it doesn’t matter what club they’re at, they are there because of their own means. People who are in football but not for football reasons and Coventry City deserve better than what they are just now, for sure.

“They need someone with the club at heart and with backing of people with money behind them.

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Picture courtesy of Pete Chambers

Source: Coventry MAD