City Look To Have Escaped Contracts Penalty

27 April 2013 01:13
"Football.League's not minded to impose penalty"

According to the Coventry Telegraph's Les Reid, Coventry City appear to have escaped possible sanctions by the Football League over player contracts.

There has been concerns that if the Golden Share was proved to be under the control of CCFC Ltd which it was at last set of available accounts from June 2012, and the players contracts were under the control of CCFC Holdings then, the Sky Blues could be in trouble due to the rules concerning third party ownership.

However, Mr Reid tweeted: "I'm told the Football.League's not minded to impose a penalty over contacts being in CCFC Holdings, despite thirsd party ownership rules."

Administrator Paul Appleon is expected to reveal exactly where the Golden Share is, in his report due in mid May.



Source: Coventry MAD