City in No Rush To Appoint A Manager - Waggott

22 February 2013 11:51
City in no rush

Coventry City are in no rush to appoint a new replacement for Mark Robins as first team manager.

Development Officer Steve Waggott told the Coventry Telegraph:“We went through a very rigorous process last time and that’s what led us to Mark,” he said. “We will do it the right way again but we know that we have to get the balance right because we all want a successful end to this season.

“Fortunately we’ve had a fantastic response from Lee Carsley and the other coaching staff who have got on with the job professionally and the players have nothing but respect for them. 

“My message to Lee has been to tell me whatever he needs in terms of resources and I will give him everything I can.

“We had some extremely strong candidates last time round and I have gone through my notes on them but there has also been new interest.

“When you look at what has happened over the past five or six months at other clubs, managers are becoming available much more frequently.

“Everybody who wants to apply has to send in a CV to show they are serious and we have had some very, very strong ones again. This is a prestigious job in football.

“We have to benchmark those CVs, look at their records and then we speak to the stand-out four or five applicants who meet our first team manager credentials. I started that process this week.”

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Source: Coventry MAD