City & Higgs Agree Deal?

09 April 2013 08:52
Free Radio Report On Higgs v City Academy Row

According to Free Radio's Darryl Murphy, a deal has been agreed between the Alan Higgs Centre Trust and Coventry City.

Mr Murphy has tweeted: "Higgs Centre say they've agreed a deal with Coventry City BUT they want club to pay £12,000 it owes for repairs.

"Higgs Centre say Coventry City have only said they will 'look' at the £12,000 bill for damage to facilities.

"Higgs Centre say they've got a signed agreement which says the club should pay for repairs and at the moment - Coventry City only want to use their facilities until 30/06/2013,

"Higgs Centre say new contracts also need to be drawn up re: insurance. Only academy players registered to CCFC Ltd were insured on site. Now it appears players were always with CCFC Holdings Ltd.

"Higgs Centre say if they can do a deal, @Coventry_City's Academy is still welcome there."


Source: Coventry MAD