City Fans Fury At Robins' Action

13 February 2013 12:01
Anti Robins feeling on social media

Whilst Coventry City CEO Tim Fisher may want Mark Robins to stay as manager, the feeling amongst City supporters on social media appears to be very different.

Many supporters have expressed their outrage that only a week after Robins had said that he was happy at City, he has expressed his intention to leave the club, where he had been for less than five months, to the Board, leaving them in a position where a statement says they could not stop him from wanting to speak to Huddersfield.

If social media is a barometer of feeling amongst some of the City support (although not representative of the whole support), then it is probably best if Mark Robins does become the new manager of Huddersfield Town as many don't want him back at the Sky Blues.

Many of those who have taken to Twitter or Facebook feel that the fact that Robins wanted to speak to The Terriers was proof enough as to why City should be looking for a new manager, whilst others feel that he can't be trusted and it would send the wrong message to the players.


Source: Coventry MAD