City Defeat Marred By Trouble

02 March 2013 09:03
Trouble After Game

As expected, following trouble at Coventry City's game at Swindon Town earlier this season, there was trouble before and after the return game at the Ricoh Arena this afternoon.

Swindon Town fans have been accused of smashing up a pub and a chip shop in Longford, breaking the collarbone of an Everton fan, according to twitter after being jumped on by a car load of Swindon fans and starting a trouble in the Tesco car parks with reports of weapons being used in a fifty man brawl.

There are also reports of a man drinking in Block 16 through the game. Numerous complaints are under stood to have been made to the Stand Manager and this provoked a fight by the exit on the final whistle.


Source: Coventry MAD