City Court Case Put Simply

22 March 2013 12:54
Court Case Explained

Free Radio's Darryl Murphy has tweeted a simple guide to what happened in the High Court this morning for those not au fait with legal proceedings.

1)  ACL confirming in court what they've told me. They don't believe Coventry City Football Club Ltd is a non-trading subsidiary - documents support this.

2) So ACL have basically asked the judge for time to find out answers about structure of the club.

3) Judge has agreed situation looks irregular at the moment - and has kept ACL's action active

4) ACL will now ask Coventry City for answers. Answers they get will impact on what happens on Tuesday.

Question here is what's happened to the so-called 'Golden Share'. Has it been moved from CCFC Ltd - to CCFC Holdings. If so, when? Club and Football League accounts appear to show if a change has been made - it's happened fairly recently.

I'm told between now and Tuesday that Coventry City don't have to tell ACL anything. But the judge wouldn't be happy.


Source: Coventry MAD


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