Chairman Told Us Nothing To Worry About - Jutkiewicz

06 April 2011 12:19
Lukas on new Chairman's visit to Ryton last Friday. Coventry City's Lukas Jutkiewicz has been questioned as to whether the much publicised board room problems had any effects on the players. Speaking to the CT, Jutkiewicz, who scored in Saturday's 2-0 win over Watford said: "We tried to not let it affect us in any way. We can't control any of that but we can control what's on the pitch." "We had a meeting with the chairman last week and he told us there is nothing for us to worry about and to just concentrate on the football." "He just wanted to show his face and get to know the lads and the boys were happy with the fact that he came in and told them he wanted to help them by moving the club in the right direction and it is great that we won because it would have put a massive downer on the whole club had we lost on Saturday." "I think that was the best the fans have been for a while and they knew that they needed to get behind us and we responded with a performance."