Carsley Working For The New Manager

06 March 2013 11:30
Lee Carsley getting the preparaton done

Lee Carsley has said that he is preparing the team for the incoming manager.

Carsley, who will return to his U21's coaching job, has made clear that he does not want the Sky Blues hot seat but is happy to mind the shop until a new person is appointed.

"We’re pretty much treating it like a normal week leading up to the game," said Carsley to the Coventry Telegrah's Andy Turner.

"I watched Scunthorpe versus Stevenage last night, which was a great game! I’m due to watch a recording of their game against Brentford as well and it’s important that if a new manager does come in that I give him as much information as I can, and that goes for every department.

"He needs to know everything and I’ll make sure that as soon as the new manager walks through the door that he’ll have every stat and every bit of information that he needs."

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Source: Coventry MAD