Carsley Will Do Well As A Manager - Baker

06 July 2013 12:04
Baker on Carsley

Coventry City captain Carl Baker feels that Lee Carsley has the potential to be a good manager.

Speaking about Lee Carsley who has left to take up an Assistant Manager's position at Sheffield United, Baker told the Coventry Observer's Steve Carpenter;

“I knew at some point something like this was going to happen and it's just unfortunate for us that it's come so soon but we just have to deal with that," Baker told The Observer.

“I was a little bit gutted to see him go but you've got to wish him all the best because it's a good opportunity for him and I know he's been away all summer doing his coaching badges.

“I think we'll be seeing a lot more of him over the next few years.”

Baker also revealed how much of a positive impact Carsley had on his career and the 30-year-old has said he will remain in touch with his former coach.

“We all looked up to him,” Baker added.

“His training sessions were always fun and enjoyable and he knew what he was talking about.

“He used to get an extra five or ten per cent out of me on the pitch and now he's gone it's going to be a big loss.

“Since he's come here he's been one of my best pals. Even outside of football I've spent a lot of time with him, we've been fishing together and that sort of things.

“I'm always picking his brains for certain advice and he's always been there for me and I'm sure he always will be because he only lives round the corner from me now so I'm sure I'll stay in close contact.

“The staff here are all great coaches and I'm sure they've got it all covered. But I'm sure he'll continue to help us and if we need him I'm sure he'll be there for us.

“He's certainly one of the great people in football and he'll always do anything he can to help you out.”

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Source: Coventry MAD